Corporate culture


Corporate Vision: Create a century-old brand and become a leading animal protection enterprise in the industry.

Enterprise Purpose: Solidarity, honesty, innovation and progress, common growth.

Enterprise Spirit: Continue to surpass, create brilliant.

Product Concept: Scientific and technological innovation, to create quality, to ensure "high standards, high quality, high efficacy".

Business Philosophy: Integrity-based, customer first, create win-win situation.

Management Philosophy: Adhere to standardized management, use "external thinking", implement "result-oriented".

Talent Concept: The selection should be right, the employment should be public, the education should be diligent, and the responsibility should be well understood.


Focus on animal medicine animal protection industry.

National high-tech enterprises.

Specialized in special new enterprises.

China's top ten veterinary drug R&D innovation brands.

More than 20 dosage forms and automatic production lines, large scale, all dosage forms.

Users all over the country and Eurasian markets.

Selected Mengniu, Yili, Taikun and other strategic suppliers for many years.

Good veterinary medicine, choose Boncheng.

Bangcheng veterinary medicine, Chinese veterinary medicine experts !


State: It is for the unity of all States, it is for the Gubenning State, and it is for the accumulation country.

Honesty: It is for the sincere, it is for the sincere self, it is for the sincere inside and outside.

Bangcheng: Meaning that the enterprise dominates the key elements of the value of social and public relations needs, maintains the balanced mechanism of exploring the principle of efficiency and efficiency energy, expresses the management dimension and business behavior of rich connotation and extended space, witnesses the quality from the details, experiences the quality from the quality, and portrays the strong brand that shocks the world from the grade.